Get your broken gas line fixed as quickly as possible

If you use gas appliances, make sure you work with a plumber who works on gas lines. Something as simple as a lack of hot water could mean there's a problem with your gas line. Repair it right away by calling Nikki's Plumbing in Euless, TX. You can rely on us to obtain any permits needed to complete your repairs.

Talk to a gas line repair pro today by calling 469-644-8025.

Signs you have a sewer line leak

Aging pipes and encroaching tree roots can lead to broken pipes anywhere on your property. Some of the most costly leaks happen around your home's foundation. If you suspect you have a damaged pipe, turn to Nikki's Plumbing for gas and sewer line repair service.

Because sewer line leaks can happen under your flooring, some common signs of a problem include:

  • Damp carpeting
  • Warped floorboards
  • Raised or broken tiles
Nikki's Plumbing provides cost-effective sewer line repair service in Euless, TX and the surrounding area.